god damn i leave for a whole week to college and I get 288 followers. I didn’t even post anything who are you people?!?! WHEN DID YOU GET HERE? 

I am so sleep deprived… i have 2 hours of sleep GEEGEE NO REE

I miss home already

Anyone ever wanted a artistic boyfriend/girlfriend so you both can be dorks and just draw your feelings. Like CUTIE ALERT I GOTTA DRAW THE BOOTIE.

Then again I feel that if my significant other was artistic it would be a one-uping contest of who can draw the cutest thing…. or the most perverted thing

That Fox Food post is awesome. Is there a possibility of getting it on a shirt? :D

Sadly no, I cannot sell it since it isn’t my game and I didn’t ask for permission to print it off on a t shirt. However if you want to support the game just buy it it’s super fun!


you know the friendship’s real when there’s a rumour you’re gay for each other

So am I the only one who doesn’t want a bunch of foreigners moaning about apples for audio replays? Like …. it happened during stream I demand a kinky video blooper of JUST APPLES. LIKE NO YOU ARE GONNA GET DOWN AN DIRTY WITH APPLES.

APPPLEZZ *eye twitch*

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Doodles from the freebie stream! SUPER FUN! Thank you guys for coming <3

Doodles from the freebie stream! SUPER FUN! Thank you guys for coming <3


You know when someone starts talking about how a relationship won’t work cause of ect. reason. and in that instance you just know deep in your heart that it hurts. You don’t have the damn right to say I can break it off cause you can’t. Gee thanks for ruining a perfectly good mood. Sometimes I wish I didn’t get attached at all. Constantly talking about wanting to spend more time and that you value how I feel. No don’t get my hopes up if you going to just knock them down. I was perfectly happy to stay friends but hey yolo let’s try it. Long distance sucks even if it’s a hour away.

Done with my rant. Better things to worry about.